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Perl Programming

On-line Classifieds Program
As Part Of Your E-Commerce
Internet Marketing Strategy

Generate Web Traffic

Free Classifieds are a great way of attracting traffic to your web site.

Offer any service for free and you are sure that the every day, online user will take advantage of your service. They may inform their friends and family and if the users ads get results they will be more likely to return in the future.

If your traffic is high then Advertising space can be sold to businesses...

This is what e-commerce is all about after all. If your paying to develop a site then let it generate income for you as well.

What's more it is a great way of self generating content on your site.

Search engines like content. The more pages you have on the site, then the higher the chances of search engines indexing a greater number of your pages. As a result your site generates even more traffic, without having to do anything!

However not all classifieds will do this for you, Sharp Ads will!

Sharpnet have kept abreast with search engine technology and have specially designed this application to optimise the best possible search engine rankings.

" This program has been fantastic and has helped greatly in driving traffic to my site. As someone who is not familiar with scripts on the web I found the installation and set-up of the programs simplicity in itself..."

Hugh McMahon

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