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Sharp Update

Ultra Simple
Content Management systems

Web Editing Without TrainingTM

The ultimate in web site Editing.

The Sharp updateTM puts the business owner totally in control to update and edit their very own web site at the "click"of a button. There is nothing this simple quite like it.

Our Simple Content management systems are so simple you only require five Minutes Training!

A web site incorporating the Sharp UpdateTM content management system (CMS) allows you to regularly update and change the content of your web site when ever you wish and includes the following features:-

  •  Edit you web site content... Anytime
  •  No HTML Coding
  •  Text editing
  •  Image Upload
  •  File Upload
  •  Password Protected
  •  Totally customised for your existing website

How it Works?

On each page you will find a small icon, that when you "mouse over" it will tell you to"add new item" (content) another tells you that you can "delete" content. When you click the add new item icon a new page loads that includes the Sharp UpdateTM editing page. You can add the title of the page, an image if you wish or a complete page file that you have designed on word or a similar document!

Free Demo

Feel free to test this ultra simple CMS if you wish, to add content simply click on the right hand-side of the green spacer bar. The password to add content is demo Please note that this demo keeps the data for 24 hours only.


If you are interested about using this program for your clients, please contact us.


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