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Sharp Update

CMS System

Bring your site to life!

The Internet is a new medium that ads a totally new dimension to the world, print means information, the World Wide Web means communication!

Set Your Website Content Free!

What is "Sharp Update"?

Sharp Update

Sharp UpdateTM is a program that a can be integrated into any web pages to allow content to be easily added, edited and removed.

Sharp UpdateTM is written in Perl.

Sharp UpdateTM work on any web servers running Apache.

How does "Sharp Update" work?

Sharp UpdateTM works whenever an SSI piece of code is placed into a web page

A website page enabled with the Sharp UpdateTM program is a "live" page that can be modified at will. It doesn't matter if the user is not computer savy; it is so simple that even a child or your mother can use it!

Can I test drive "Sharp Update"?

Absolutely! you can test drive the Sharp Update Here.

Who is the creator of "Sharp Update"?

"Sharp Update" has been designed by Sharpnet Internet Solutions in 2000. Some of our customers were on a tight budget, and the World Wide Web was proving to be a real money saver to them. So Sharpnet created the Sharp UpdateTM program to enable them to edit the content of their websites themselves.

Let us be honest if I install the "Sharp Update" on my website it is going to cost me a lot right?

Not at all! All you will pay is a one off setup fee to install the program and that's all! We will even help you to make it work if you have any difficulties!

I am a web developper and I would like to use the "Sharp Update" on one of my cutsomer's website

No problem! Contact us and we will install the program and install it on your client's website.

How can I be sure that "Sharp Update" will be supported in the future?

We have been trading since 1998 and incorporated in early 2003. We are in charge of a large Portfolio of clients. The "Sharp Update" is one of the most successful tool ever built and we are proud of it, simply because it is simple to use and very versatile! We are very enthusiastic about this piece of software and there is no way we're going to let it slip away in oblivion!

Work on any websites Powered By Perl Powered By Apache Server Side Includes



Interested in using this system for your customer's website?

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