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Domain Names

Why It Is So Important?

Sharpnet offers domain registration services as part of their e-commerce package.

Our Service

We are happy to register a domain on your behalf. All names are registered to your name we do not operate a "domain hijacking" service where you have to pay to transfer your name from Sharpnet administration

Know How

Sharpnet, has been registering domain names since 1997, this has given us an excellent insight of what a good domain name is; a good domain name helps you to increase your business opportunities on the web.

Contrary to the belief that your company or your own name is what you need to use for your internet presence, it may not be the best choice. Unless you are a well known brand, your name might mean nothing on the web! Remember that the Internet is a global medium.

Specialist Advice

We guide our clients through the process of choosing a name for their website and we rarely fail to find the most appropriate name for their products or services

You might already have a domain name (e.g. your business name). Although it is a good asset and must be used in your off-line marketing, we will still advise you to consider a keyword rich name relating to your products or services.

Domains For Lease

We also provide websites for lease. Ideally those names are available for short term lease or if the domain is a name worth using for your business.


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