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Graphic Design

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Sharpnet Making Sure
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Sharpnet's Approach To Graphic Design

Your web site needs to reflect and portray your professional image and we believe that it is important that your site does this for you.

However there is a downside. Most dial-up modem connections throughout the world do not tolerate websites that are heavily burdened with large graphic design file sizes and "fancy" animations.

Content Influences Design

Until all Internet users can access the Internet using Broadband it is vitally important that your site remains within the acceptable download waiting time.

Understanding how long your visitors are prepared to wait requires insight. That is to say a visitor that is searching for "photographs of horses" for example is far more likely to be patient. Whereas a veterinary surgeon requiring the latest medical publication requires speedy access to his information. Sharpnet will design your site with this in mind.

File Size reduction

Sharpnet has the expertise at reducing graphics for web site publication. Our designers know that they must create images that are small in file size without too much loss of quality.

Sharpnet's Design Process

For each new websites, a graphic template or "Proof" is initially designed. When this proof is accepted by the customer we prepare it for the web.

Our Customer aquires the copyrights of the work in full.

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