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How to choose
a Web Designer?


Sharpnet's Guide
to Web Site Design (part II)

Now that you have decided that it is time to create a website for your business there are many questions you must answer. (Continued from Part I)


  • What are the designers strengths and weaknesses?

The range of skills required for creating any type of website is more diverse than you can imagine. If a designer tells you they have done or can do any project, we suggest you take that statement with a grain of salt.


  • Is the designer easy to work with and talk to?
  • Is she/he able to communicate technical information so that you can understand it?

The process of creating a website can often be an overwhelming process for some people. Consider hiring a designer with whom you have a good rapport and find communicating with easy.

Previous Clients

Look at some of their previous clients sites.

  • How well are the sites found by the search engines?
  • Do they all look the same? Do they load quickly?
  • Are they easy to navigate?
  • Do you like their previous work?
  • Do they accurately reflect their clients' business?
  • Does the designer custom create each site or would they have you select from a list of pre-packaged sites?
  • Is the page code compliant with Internet Accessibility Standards?


  • What is your budget and what is the typical cost for the designer's projects?

As a generalisation, the larger the company, the more they charge for their services (and often the more elaborate the sites they create.) Companies which create sites from a pre-packaged template often cost less but don't provide you with custom solutions which may more closely meet your needs. Site designers who are getting started will often create your site for a lower fee, essentially using your project to develop their skills.


Your decision should be based on many of these important questions. Also use any other questions you find useful when hiring any other service business for a project.

Comparing website designers is sometimes like comparing bananas to bicycles instead of apples to apples. Don't be afraid to ask questions. You might consider writing pros and cons for each designer to develop a more objective point of view.

The selection of your website designer is an important step in the creation of a successful website. With time and patience, you too can join the thousands of businesses with successful websites.

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