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Internet Marketing

The facts and
the truth!

Marketing and promoting a website
on the Internet...

...has become much more of a challenge than ever before. Once upon a time a well optimized site would nearly always be listed in the first pages of search engines. Now thousands of sites trying to market the same products, goods or services as your own company are listed in these engines.

Simple page optimization and submission to search engines is no longer enough. Webmasters and Internet Marketing companies are all competing for the best position possible for their sites...

Our Knowledge Of Internet marketing

Sharpnet follow the basic guide lines and can offer advice where and how to invest in order to attract traffic to your website. Be forewarned! There are never any guarantees! It can take a great deal of time! requires a considerable amount of financial investment and often a great deal of time and patience!

First Steps! - Search Engine Submissions

It starts with basic page optimization - writing pages that search engines can read easily. The next step is to submit your website to all major search engines. There are a only a hand full of major search engines. These search engines supply their data to the majority of all the other thousands of smaller search engines and directories. Some of these search engines offer free submissions, others offer a Pay per URL system.


Directories play a very important part of your online marketing campaign. One or Two of the major Directories are still free, whilst others require an annual yearly submission Fee.

Our Expertise!

Sharpnet have over four years experience in Internet Marketing Strategies and will be able to advise you the best route to take. The website Scothorse is a perfect example of how, when done well, a site can reach top search engine positions and receive incredible amounts of traffic on a daily basis.

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