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Water Ripple

Pet Portraits
Berkshire, England.

English Artist

Website design

Pastelpals Portraits in pastel by UK artist Lorraine Clivery Lorraine Clivery, the owner of the pastelpals website contacted Sharpnet In October 2006. She neede to climb on to the Internet ladder to get a slice of the pie. After an initial unsucessful design, we recreated a new template and it was then accepted and adapted for the web.

Lorraine is counting on us to promote and tune the site for maximum exposure, our long experience in the field will allow her site to improve and generate leads, however there are never any guarantees in this business and search engines constantly change their algorythms to improve (and also deter rogue websites) the serach results.

This website is also the very first website designed for 1024 pixels wide screen resolution as our server statistics show that more than half of our website visitors use this screen resolution (or higher).

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