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Professional website design Scotland

Using professional website design turn key web applications and the latest in software tools Sharpnet Internet Solutions are able to produce and design, attractive, user friendly and informative web sites, ensuring that your website development helps your business to prosper.

E-commerce and E-business Solutions

Sharpnet will provide your business with total e-commerce and e-business solutions. We provide solutions for small businesses through to Corporate Companies with the emphasis on customer satisfaction at all times.

A Personal Service

Our web development services will assist with the growth and development of your business throughout the ever changing seasons.

Sharpnet won't just build you a website, our e-commerce and e-business expertise will help your business to grow.

About Sharpnet >>>

Sharpnet is specialised in providing complete personalised Internet solutions to businesses.

Website Design >>>

Now that you have decided that it is time to create a website for your business there are many questions you must answer. One of the most important questions is, "Who should create my web site?"

Web site Hosting >>>

We have tested numerous services and can now safely say that whilst your web site will never be guaranteed 100% availability, we can offer you a hosting service on one of our own dedicated servers that is almost as good as.

Domain Name Registration >>>

Good web site (domain) names are still available, domain registration suggestion and help

Internet Marketing >>>

Sharpnet follows the basic guide lines and can offer advice where and how to invest in order to attract traffic to your website.

Graphic Design >>>

Your web site needs to reflect and portray your professional image and we believe that it is important that your site does this for you. However there is a downside, unoptimised websites take too long to load on normal internet dial-up connection!

Website Design Portfolio >>>

Website design has progressed faster than any other advertising platform. It is simply yet another dimension of your marketing campaign but can host a variety of features to assist in the growth and development of your company.

Website content management System >>>

The most advanced Content management system and yet the easiest to set-up and use! The Sharp updateTM puts the business owner totally in control to update and edit his very own web site in less than 5 minutes training!

Web Applications and perl programs >>>

Sharpnet are experts in customised Perl programs to enhance website functions and web site interactivity. Perl is not only a language for websites but a comprehensive tool to manipulate data!

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