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Website Design

Web site Design

What The Web Should Be!

Website design has progressed faster than any other advertising platform. It is simply yet another dimension of your marketing campaign but can host a variety of features to assist in the growth and development of your company. We strongly believe that a web site should incorporate style!

Sharpnet Design

We would like to take this opportunity to present a collection of some of our many clients sites. Each site hosts a variety of web applications written and hosted by Sharpnet. Our philosophy at Sharpnet is that whilst words can often be forgotten you will.. Always Remember An Image

Flatfield Cattery The Flatfield Cattery. Based in Errol between Perth and Dundee, managed by one of our existing clients is a brand new site created by Sharpnet UK. Note the rotating random picture at the top of the site and, obviously, CMS managed so our client can effortlessly edit the whole site content. Sharpnet's CMS system is still one of, if not, the simplest CMS system available on the web today. Accessible by people of any age and ability almost instantly as it is ultra simple.

Sandhills Carvan Park Pettycur KinghornSandhills Caravan Park, located in Pettycur Bay Kinghorn Fife has asked us to do their caravan site justice by integrating stunning photography and style within one site, the result is incredibly nice. Sandhills Caravan Park is one of the oldest caravan site in Scotland offering Caravans for sale only.

Well worth a look

Sport HorsesA relaunch of in 2011 (formerly, modernisation, page validation check and general Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This site has adopted a 1200 pixels fixed width for all content. Fixed width is more proeminent in today's websites as a lot of visitors are using very big and wide screens. The visual impact of this site is stunning.

Sport HorsesA relaunch of in 2011, modernisation, page validation check and general Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This site has been a success story since 2001.

Fife Riding Club 2009The FRC website is 10 years old, the last site design was in 2001! The Club remained faithful to Sharpnet and wanted a new site, the transition to the new site was flawless, thanks to the database driven content, a simple site redesign created no problem at all as the content is separated from the layout! Flash banner has also been designed especially for this site and is still being improved.

Portraits in pastel by UK artist Lorraine Clivery

Portraits in pastel by UK artist Lorraine Clivery Portraits in pastel by UK artist Lorraine Clivery This Pastel art website is the very first website designed for 1024 pixels wide screen resolution as our server statistics show that more than half of our website visitors use this screen resolution (or higher).

Sandra Low-Mitchell - Fife Scotland

Sandra Low-MitchellComplete e-commerce website with Classifieds system. Entirely self-editing by the customer. Unlike all of our competitors, our CMS system does not attract monthly fees, you pay a one off sum and that's it.

Pastel Pet Portraits - Berkshire England

Pastel Pet Portraits by Lorraine Gray Lorraine Gray, the proud owner of this website contacted Sharpnet In December 2003 after the Famous Google "Florida Update". Her web site disappeared from the top positions only four weeks after being indexed. Her business was seriously affected by this and she needed to go back to the top and fast. We redesigned the site and installed it with our latest content management system version with more powerful features but still easy to use and learn.

Classified Adverts System

Sharp Ads snapshotThe website attracts over 700'000 page views or almost 10 million hits a month (Oct 04) using the earlier version of the sharp ads. The new version is guaranteed to increase traffic and boost annual turnover, turning this business venture into a full blown and successful e-commerce business venture. The system will cater for mass online payment offering the customer multiple solutions to pay for the services offered. This is the kind of website you need to really make money from the web.

Other Projects

Shela Nye - Pets and Children Portraits

Equestrian Shiatsu - Liz Eddy Shiatsu Practitioner

Fife Riding Club - Official Club Website

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