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Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Reliability and Security (Part II)

World class website hosting infrastructure and data protection from loss and attacks is key to maintain our clients online business up and running. (Continues from Part I)

World Class Data Centre

The location of our servers is critical to your business as well as ours. Sharpnet main hosting facility is located in the United States. We also have hosting facilities available in the European Union for specific needs, like for Data Protection compliance. The only difference between the two is costs, as bandwidth is more expensive in Europe, hosting prices are sensibly higher.

Physical Protection

Our servers are located in a top of the range facility with 24/7 security access monitoring, redundant power and automatic fire protection systems. The internet access is provided by thirteen different Telecom providers through optical fiber cables, should one fail there are still plenty of connections to keep the service running.

Network Protection

A Web server connected to the Internet is exposed to all sorts of attempts to "probe" it's vulnerability. All our servers are protected against most challenges by a Firewall. A Firewall is a special system that constantly analyse the traffic of data flowing in and out of the servers and filters the good packets from the bad ones.

Data Protection

All our websites static content is backed up weekly, database content is backed up daily with a seven day rolling backup (the last seven days are kept)

All our clients websites are hosted on reliable and robust GNU/Linux OS. We strictly monitor the content of our clients websites and do not allow programs that could cause a security risk or server overload thus maximising the server uptime and reliablity.

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